FTMPlace, the canvas game on Fantom


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FTM.Place is a new Internet canvas which is made up of a 1000 by 1000 pixel grid for sale on the FTM network, each pixel can change color over and over again. Each pixel cost 0.04 FTM to change color. This concept is inspired by the famous r/place project adapted and redesigned for the FTM blockchain. This encourages a game of artists, advertisers and technology enthusiasts, mixed with a context of turf wars as r/place was.

How it works : You color a pixel, and if someone changes the color of your pixel, you receive 10% more than what you put in initially. Each time a pixel changes color, the price increases by 20%. So it is profitable for the person who bought first. The connection to the Fantom Metamask network is necessary to allow the connection between the painters.


Select the Fantom Network on Metamask. Please read the instructions below to connect to it.

Setup Metamask on FTM network